Renewable Energy

Natural gas is the foundation to renewable energy. At CLEC, we recognize the threat of climate change and support efforts to make renewables an increasing part of the solution. We believe that a move to natural gas will reduce reliance on the more potent contributors to climate change, oil and coal, and cost-effectively anchor renewable technology in the short-term.  As resources are developed and commercialized to provide the flexibility necessary to balance and integrate renewable energy that varies, sometimes unpredictably, , natural gas will drastically reduce costs.  It will also allow the complete displacement of coal and oil in the electric sector, thereby reducing emissions and also increasing grid flexibility. As a “toolbox” of cost-effective flexibility options is created by 2030 and beyond, the region’s existing natural-gas fired generators will be nearing the end of their useful lives.  Those that remain will be vital for their capacity—the ability to produce energy on demand when needed to fills the gaps left by intermittent renewable energy—not their energy production. 

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