Bob Luz

President & CEO
Massachusetts Restaurant Association

A long time veteran of the restaurant industry, Bob Luz has a background in human resources and training. Currently, Bob is the President and CEO of the Massachusetts Restaurant Association, a not for profit trade association whose mission is to promote and protect the best interests of the MA food and beverage industry. Massachusetts is one of the nation’s most thriving restaurant environments with over 18,000 restaurants and growing daily. One out of every ten employees in the state are employed directly in or in supporting industries of the restaurant industry, an undeniable driving force in the state’s economy.


“We recognize the tremendous impact that additional gas pipeline capacity will have on our membership and their ability to operate in our state. As their voice, it is our responsibility to speak up about fixing this problem to ensure that they can continue to be a driving force in our economy.” – Bob Luz, President & CEO of the Massachusetts Restaurant Association

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