Press Release: New England Consumer Group Releases Pioneering Strategic Energy Plan for Rapidly Achieving Affordable Clean Energy in New England

November 12, 2015 - 1 minute read


“The Coalition to Lower Energy Costs (CLEC), a regional incorporated association of energy consumers dedicated to lowering energy costs and increasing use of renewables across New England, released its pioneering Strategic Energy Plan today, titled “An Affordable Clean Energy Future: A Superior Energy Paradigm for New England.” The plan is CLEC’s blueprint for using natural gas infrastructure as the foundation for a new energy paradigm for New England hallmarked by lower costs, lower emissions, dramatically increased reliance on renewable energy, and reduced reliance on gas over time. “Relying on scores of studies from around the world, including from Harvard University, MIT, the Brattle Group, the Regulatory Assistance Project, and the National Renewable Energy Laboratory, CLEC’s Strategic Energy Plan proposes for the first time a strategy for New England to not only complete its transition to largely renewable energy, but at the same time reduce its extraordinary over-reliance on heating oil and its growing car and truck emissions.” “

Click here to read the rest of the press release.

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